Month: May 2017

Clinton: “email account was turned into the biggest scandal since Lord knows when”

 Hillary Clinton appeared on stage at Code Conference on Wednesday in Rancho Palos Verdes, California and reflected on why she lost the U.S. 2016 presidential election. Unsurprisingly, the widespread coverage of her unsecured email usage was a sour point. The “email account was turned into the biggest scandal since Lord knows when.” She griped that the “mainstream media… Read More

Hillary Clinton says the DNC has really, really bad data

 In an interview that quickly turned into an election post-mortem, Hillary Clinton slammed the Democratic National Committee’s poor data for playing a role in her lost bid for the U.S. presidency. Read More

Essential is trying to build Android for the smart home

 Andy Rubin’s appearance at the Code Conference last night went a ways toward answering some lingering questions about his new company, Essential. But the conversation primarily centered around the startup’s upcoming phone — Rubin left the dialogue around the company’s take on a smart phone hub, Home, intentionally vague. But the CEO did take the opportunity to… Read More

Box looks to woo Wall Street with its positive cash flow story

 Like Box’s last quarterly check-in, the company once again touted that it had free cash flow in the first quarter this year as part of its Q1 earnings report today — a signal that Wall Street may be looking for as a barometer of its future health as a company. Box in the last quarter said it would likely lose between 14 cents and 15 cents per share, though it looks like it came… Read More

The best Meeker 2017 Internet Trends slides and what they mean

 Here are the must-read stats about what’s happening with Internet adoption, smartphones, ads, ecommerce, entertainment, gaming, enterprise healthcare, China, India, and startups. We’ve picked the most important slides from legendary Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker’s massive 355-page 2017 Internet Trends report, deciphered the complex data, and explained why… Read More

Facing exclusion with data

 What does Automattic – a technology company, MIT Center for Civic Media – a research powerhouse, and The Mash-Up Americans – my media firm, have in common? We’re all working together to have honest conversations, build empathy, and help make the world a more inclusive and compassionate place. In our second Design and Exclusion conversation, I was lucky enough to talk… Read More

Homeland Security says there is “no timeline” for European laptop ban, but it’s still an option

 Business travelers between the U.S. and Europe can breathe a small sigh of relief and clutch their laptops a little closer, for now, anyway. Following a call between Secretary John Kelly and defense leads in Europe, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a statement clarifying that it would not seek to ban laptops from the cabin on commercial flights from Europe at this time.… Read More

Top Ten Automotive Startups competition open for submissions

LAAS Technology Pavilion For the past few years, the Los Angeles Auto Show has hosted the Top Ten Automotive Startups competition. The event is now open for submissions through July 15, so if you’ve got an automotive app, service or cool bit of tech, now’s your chance. Read More

6 major tech companies have doubled their design hiring goals in last half decade

 You know design is having its moment when IBM, the stodgy normcore dad of the tech industry, gets in on the action. In the last five years, Big Blue has grown its designer to developer hiring target from 1:72 to 1:9. It’s not the only one — companies across Silicon Valley are recruiting far more designers than ever before. I’ve been hearing about this hiring crunch for… Read More

Magilla is a search engine for mortgages and business loans

 If you’ve ever needed to take out a mortgage or a loan for your business, you probably know how difficult it is to find the right terms or borrower to work with. Magilla Loans is seeking to change that by providing a search engine designed to connect borrowers with banks that might want to lend them money. Read More

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