Month: May 2017

With the KEYone, BlackBerry threads the needle on retro smartphone appeal

 But it’s weird not because it wasn’t designed in-house, and instead was handled by partner TCL; it’s weird because it’s strangely successful at pulling off an odd balancing act of combining modern functionality with the same kind of retro appeal Fujifilm has managed to infuse throughout their mirrorless camera lineup, with nostalgia for the earliest days of the… Read More

Porat: Google’s “biggest risk is complacence”

 Google’s “biggest risk is compliance, not innovating, not investing,” said Ruth Porat, the CFO of parent company Alphabet at Code Con on Wednesday. It’s important that we “continue to evolve what the user experience is,” she added, emphasizing that technology companies need to keep coming up with new ideas to stay ahead.  Porat said that we should… Read More

Elon Musk will leave Trump councils if U.S. withdraws from Paris agreement

 Elon Musk says that he’ll have “no choice” but to withdraw from the advisory councils he’s currently serving for President Trump, should Trump decide to step back from the Paris climate agreement as he’s reportedly been considering. Musk tweeted the ultimatum on Wednesday, in response to a question from a follower on the social network. Will have no choice but… Read More

Boom Fantasy raises $2M, betting that fans want a simpler version of fantasy sports

 Daily fantasy sports are too complicated for the average fan. Or at least that’s the thesis behind Boom Fantasy, a daily fantasy sports experience designed for the everyday sports fan. Instead of sorting through thousands of players to craft lineups from scratch, Boom Fantasy players answer a series of simple questions – like “who will score more points tonight, Lebron James… Read More

The pleasure and the pain of the accessible smart home

 People like to point to 1989’s Back to the Future II as presciently showing technologies that exist today. Video conferencing, for example, was futuristic 28 years ago, but people FaceTime all the time nowadays. The film even predicted the Chicago Cubs would win a World Series, which (finally!) happened last season in seven games against Cleveland. Another advancement filmmakers got… Read More

Uber blew through $1 million a week in an effort to make UberPool viable in San Francisco

 New documents leaked to BuzzFeed demonstrate yet again what Uber is willing to do to beat the competition at any cost. Read More

Samsung’s elusive Bixby voice assistant is reportedly still weeks away from launching

 In the battle of the voice assistants, one entrant still appears to be staying rather quiet. Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant was initially supposed to launch alongside the company’s Galaxy S8 smartphone, but after a series of delays the English-language version may not be reaching U.S. customers until late June. Read More

Netflix’s Hastings: Trump’s immigration ban is ‘anti-American’

 Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings doubled down on statement’s he’s made about Trump’s immigration policy when he took the stage at Code Con on Wednesday. Read More

Android Pay expands to Canada

 Android Pay launched in Canada on Wednesday, with support for a number of major banks at launch, and additional banks to be added soon. The Android Pay debut in Canada was teased at Google’s I/O developer conference keynote earlier this month, and reported as imminent last week by MobileSyrup. The launch today includes support for Visa and MasterCard credit and debit, as well as… Read More

Google says its machine learning tech now blocks 99.9% of Gmail spam and phishing messages

 Google today said that its machine learning models can now detect spam and phishing messages with 99.9 percent accuracy. While this still means that one out of a thousand messages gets through, the company argues that this is a pretty good number. Read More

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